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Vehicle Loans Rates

Secure Loans. Whether you're buying new or used, see us first for pre-approval on a low-cost loan. Take advantage of automatic payment to receive a lower interest rate. For a loan request, please see our loan application on line.

Vehicle Service ContractGuaranteed Asset Protection

Recreational Vehicle Loans

When you're ready to purchase a camper, boat, motorcycle, four-wheeler, snowmobile, or other pleasure vehicle, see us for a loan rate that won't take the fun out of it.

Share/Certificate Secured

Do you need some quick cash and you have investments here with Med5 FCU? Talk to us about borrowing against them for whatever you need.

Signature/Personal Loans

Available for home remodeling, debt consolidation or any other purpose.

Overdraft Protection

Eliminate the cost, inconvenience, and embarrassment of non-sufficient funds checks with overdraft protection. This line of credit (subject to approval) can be used as a "backup" should checking account funds be insufficient to cover expenses.

Christmas Loans

If you find yourself overcome by the "gifts of giving" come in and visit with us about our Christmas Loan Special. You either request a loan limit or let us qualify you for one. This loan repayment is based on a one-year payback. It's just one more way we can ease the financial stresses of the holidays.

Loan Insurance Protection

Protect yourself and your loved ones with loan insurance protection. Credit Life and Disability Coverage is available to qualifying applicants at a very reasonable rate, and the premiums are added to your monthly loan payment for your convenience. Rest assured, we're here for all your lending needs.

Line of Credit Loans

Available up to $15,000 (subject to credit approval). Use it whenever you need to and only pay interest on the amount used.

Home Equity Loans

Med5 FCU Home Equity loans offer you an opportunity to access up to 100% of your available equity for whatever your needs: * Home Improvements or add ons. * Paying off pre-existing bills * Taking a vacation * Easing tax burdens, or * Financing a child's education You can do all this and more when you take advantage of our low-cost Home Equity Products.

Home Improvement Loans

Need to fix up or add an addition to your home? See us for a low-cost Home Improvement signature loan. It's faster than a Home Equity Loan but subject to signature loan limitations.

Mortgage Loans

You've relied on your Credit Union for share draft and savings accounts for years. Now look to your Credit Union for your Mortgage options. When you're planning to purchase your first home, move to a larger home, or refinance your current mortgage, talk to your Credit Union first. Find out where you stand before you shop for a home. A Credit Union pre-approval helps you quickly open the door to your new home. This simple process will save you time and money. Realtors and sellers will know you are serious, plus you will be in a better position to negotiate. You know you can trust us at Med5FCU . When you're ready to take the first step towards buying a new home, we want to help you open the door.

Credit Cards

Classic VISA

* 10.90% APR - Purchases and Cash Advances * NO Annual Membership Fee * NO Cash Advance Fee * Late Payment fee $25.00 * Method of computing balances for new purchases and cash advances - Average daily balance * 25-day grace period

Platinum VISA

* 6.00% APR - Purchases and Cash Advances * NO Annual Membership Fee * NO Cash Advance Fee * Late Payment fee $25.00 * Method of computing balances for new purchases and cash advances - Average daily balance * 25-day grace period

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This information is accurate as of 6-1-2014 and is subject to change after that date. Please contact the Credit Union at 605-342-7776 or write us at 625 Flormann St., Rapid City, SD 57701 for any changes to this information.

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